1. Ancient Baths

    Bathing was seen as very important in the ancient world. Bathing was seen as life giving. Therefore the ancients built many impressive baths. The ancient Roman baths are probably the most impressive, as well as the most widely known. https://www.ancient-origins.net/history-ancient-traditions/spas-0012851…Read More

  2. Arctic Blast

    Much of the USA will experience very cold temperatures. Other parts such as California are drier and warmer than normal. We certainly could use some rain here in California. https://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/arctic-blast-to-be-followed-by-a-slow-return-to-seasonable-conditions-across-the-south-this-week/622415…Read More

  3. The Night Sky for the Week of 11-10-19

    It is still fall, but the great winter constellation of Orion rises about 9PM. Aldebaran and the Pleiades twinkle above it. While Vega, the bright star of autumn, still shines brightly in the western evening sky. The full moon is on Tuesday. Enjoy the view. https://www.skyandtelescope.com/observing/this-weeks-sky-at-a-glance-november-8-16/…Read More

  4. Extreme Cold for the a Large part of the USA

    Winter has arrived for a large part of the United States. Some parts of the country will be below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. New England and the Midwest will be particularly cold. https://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/waves-of-midwinter-cold-to-blast-across-eastern-two-thirds-of-us/613638…Read More

  5. Missing Egyptian Statue’s Noses

    Many of the ancient statues that have been found in Egypt, have their noses missing. Here are some of the reasons why: https://www.ancient-origins.net/artifacts-other-artifacts/why-are-noses-missing-so-many-egyptian-statues-007493…Read More

  6. The Night Sky for the Week of 11-3-19

    In most of the United States the evening sky will get longer because we are off daylight savings time Sunday (11-3-19). The waxing moon, the constellation Sagittarius, and the planet Saturn all come close to one another in the evening sky. The bright fall star Vega remains in the southwest evening sky. While the great winter constellation of Orion is back about 9pm. Enjoy the view. https://www.sky…Read More

  7. Halloween 2019

    Here is the Halloween weather forecast. Some parts of the country will feel more like Christmas (https://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/halloween-outlook-some-kids-may-be-shoveling-snow-instead-of-trick-or-treating/609450). Also, the planet Jupiter will be close to the moon on Halloween evening. https://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/halloween-masqueraders-to-be-treated-to-bright-celesti…Read More

  8. Hidden Pyramid in Saqqara Desert

    Another pyramid may have been discovered in Saqqara, Egypt. Saqqara is home to the step pyramid of Djoser. The area where the new pyramid is supposed to be located has not been excavated, so the existence of the pyramid has not been confirmed. https://www.ancient-origins.net/news-history-archaeology/hidden-pyramid-0012771…Read More

  9. The Night Sky for the Week of 10-27-19

    This week the sky is great for Halloween which is one Thursday. The star Arcturus appears as the ghost where the sun was in summer. This is called "the Ghost of the Summer Suns." The constellation of Cassiopeia (the queen) is high in the northern sky. While the planet Mars is in the predawn sky. Also, the planet Saturn will be glorious high in the western night sky. The new moon is on Sunday the 2…Read More

  10. Classical Mythology-Kalki

    In ancient Indian mythology Kalki destroys evil at the end of the Kali-yuga. This is to usher in a new yuga or age. Many civilizations have mythology involving the different ages of mankind. https://www.ancient-origins.net/myths-legends/when-kalki-destroyer-descends-greed-corruption-war-destruction-and-apocalypse-006545…Read More