1. Weather for Lodi 8-14-22

    August is the hottest month. The coming week's weather is going to be scorching. Several days should be over 100F. Try to stay cool. https://www.kcra.com/weather…Read More

  2. The Night Sky for the Week of 8-14-22

    The warm August nights are getting longer, and there is much to see. Saturn is a giant planet that is visible all night for a couple of weeks. The waning gibbous Moon also rises shortly after nightfall. A little later, Jupiter also joins Saturn and the Moon. The Last-quarter Moon will occur on Thursday at 12:36 AM EDT. In addition, the "constellation of California" Ursa Major (which rotates throug…Read More

  3. August Night Sky 2022

    The dog days of summer will end on August 11. The dog days of summer (July 3 to August 11) are named after the brightest star, Sirius being in the same part of the sky as the sun. The last supermoon for the rest of the year will also occur on August 11. The annual Perseids meteor shower will peak on August 11. However, the supermoon will make them harder to see. Later on August 14, Saturn will rea…Read More

  4. Weather for Lodi 8-7-22

    We had an absolute scorcher last week and are in for more of the same this week. August is living up to its reputation as the hottest month of the year. Hopefully, we will have some cooler weather soon. https://www.kcra.com/weather…Read More

  5. Fall 2022 Weather Forecast

    Here is the autumn 2022 forecast for the USA. California should have a warmer than average start to fall. Unfortunately for California, the wildfire risk will be severe, and the drought is predicted to continue. https://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-forecasts/accuweather-us-fall-forecast-2022/1223997…Read More

  6. The Night Sky for the Week of 8-7-22

    The warm evening nights have some great views of the summer stars. The bright summer star Vega is overhead at about 10 PM. While the star Arcturus shines brightly in the west. The full moon is Wednesday. On Saturday, the planet Saturn will be at opposition; around midnight, it will be high in the sky. The winter stars and constellations are starting to reappear in the dark morning sky. Look for Or…Read More

  7. The Month of August

    We are now entering the eighth month of the year, August. August is named after the Roman Emperor Augustus. It was the time of several of Emperor Augustus's triumphs. The Zodiac sign for August is Leo and Virgo after August 23. It is also the month when the harvest begins in many parts of the northern hemisphere. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/August…Read More

  8. Weather for Lodi 7-31-22

    August is the hottest month of the year and the whole last month of summer. This week's highs will be hot, ranging from the low to mid-90s. https://www.accuweather.com/en/us/lodi/95240/august-weather/331965?year=2022…Read More

  9. Lammas 2022

    August 1st is the date of the harvest festival, Lammas. Lammas is one of eight major Indo-European holidays and marks the first harvest. It expresses thankfulness for a bountiful wheat harvest. Lammas was Christianized and is now celebrated as Loaf Mass day in many European countries. A loaf of bread is brought to church and is blessed by the Priest. https://nationaltoday.com/lammas-day/. https://…Read More

  10. The Night Sky for the Week of 7-31-22

    Summer is almost to its mid-point, with occurs next week Sunday. In the twilight, in the west is the bright planet, Mercury. After dark, look northwest to see the Big Dipper hanging diagonally. Then, about three fists to the north, look for the Polaris. At the same time, Arcturus is high in the western sky. The First-quarter Moon is on Friday and is to the lower right of Arcturus. Finally, in the …Read More