The case for choosing a private school over other options has been well established. While students often attain a higher level of success amongst preparatory schools, it should be noted that not all programs are the same. STEM education institutions are paving the way with their own models on how to make the most prominent prep schools. However, many of these college preparatory programs fail to succeed in their goals. Some schools fall short due to a lack of guidelines and rules, both of which are rigidly set for traditional education programs.

Athena Preparatory strives to provide optimal educational tools to help students prepare for the future. Beyond our college preparatory program, we aim for long-term excellence. Our curriculum offers a unique experience for students. As a Top Rated Local® private high school in Lodi, we take on the challenge of guiding young minds with two approaches that are off the beaten path:

Modeling After Greatnesshighschool-square

Great minds have altered humankind throughout history, for better and for worse. From Egyptian architects to American media moguls, humanity has had a wealth of prominent thinkers from which to obtain guidance. Our curriculum focuses on these innovators and entrepreneurs. We encourage students to think outside of the box in order to better understand the challenge or roadblock ahead. Every person has the ability to change the world, whether it be a small daily task or an epic invention. Athena Preparatory is a private school that sees the value of history’s great thinkers and works to instill that greatness into our student’s minds!

Philosophical Integration

Having the ability to process information and respond accordingly is an essential human trait to possess. However, being able to critically disseminate and translate that information is much more productive and welcome in the world of science. Athena Preparatory offers preparatory courses with a focus on philosophy and its benefits. Our focus on preparing young minds for the real world is why we utilize philosophical discussion and emphasis on coursework. Philosophy-minded students tend to have advantages over their non-Socratic peers, such as:

  • Higher critical thinking
  • Better problem-solving skills
  • Improved communication with peers
  • Higher logical processing abilities

Analyzing not only the subject but the reasoning behind any given subject is what helps our students excel in education. Being able to process and break down the reasoning behind decisions and processes helps our students to see the bigger picture and to have a better understanding of the field as a whole. This skill can be very useful in the workforce and beyond!

There is an increasing amount of private high schools for Lodi residents to choose from. Athena Preparatory offers a quality prep school program that focuses on the individuals and tailoring their education for the best chances of success. While some institutions offer hot new ideas or old tried-and-true methods, we fall somewhere in the between. Our private school has a proven track record of graduating college-ready students that often go on to succeed. If you’re interested in enrolling your student in our prep school, make sure to contact us today to learn more!