Sitting in a sea of faces can hamper a student’s ability to receive proper education. In a previous blog, we mentioned the benefit of utilizing a smaller class size to better educate students. With fewer students per teacher, Athena Preparatory is your Top Rated Local® private high school in Lodi. Today, we’ll look at more positives when reducing the classroom size. Beyond the obvious benefits of increased teacher attentiveness and student engagement, reduced classes also offer:

Health Benefits

A commonly unthought of prospect, placing your student in a smaller class can be very beneficial for overall health. Reducing the number of humans in a class will effectively reduce the number of germs and illnesses that often plague educational settings. Less exposure to illness will equate to more time spent in class, learning and interacting. Attendance is better in private schools due to both better engagement and better health. Being in class more consistently correlates with improved grades. If a student is at home sick, a litany of actions must be taken to catch them up to speed. Often times, that student never fully receives the lecture or activity that was missed.


Less Noise

The ability to pay attention in class can be more difficult for some students. With a smaller class size, the overall noise level is dramatically quieter. Coupling this with student/teacher engagement and decreased disruptions means your student will be much more able to keep the focus on the lesson. For many kids and young adults, not understanding a concept or lesson can be the basis for mountains of frustration. With more attention and engagement, students will be much more likely to absorb the lesson on the first try.


Enrolling in a private school can seem like an intimidating task. However, with smaller class sizes comes bigger rewards. Athena Prepatory is the choice private high school in Lodi. Next week, we’ll look at some more benefits of reducing classroom parameters. If you’re in need of any information, don’t hesitate to contact us today!