Last week, we glossed over a couple of rarely considered benefits when looking to enroll a student in a private school. The list of pros goes beyond the major awards of improved teacher/student relations and better attentiveness in the classroom. Athena Preparatory serves as the top private high school in Lodi. Our focus on student enrichment is the key to our program’s success. Receiving instructions in the context of a smaller class size offers a multitude of benefits. Parents who enroll their child in this type of system can expect:


Better Relationships

School can be a very social-dominated setting for students of all ages. Because of this, smaller classrooms can be hugely beneficial for students developing closer relationships. As opposed to being a face in the crowd, you child will be learning in a more specialized environment with like-minded peers. Being more connected to other students equates to a more positive learning environment. With a closer, more tight-knit class, learning will be both a fun and positive experience.


Better Feedback

Having fewer students means that teachers have more time to dispense proper feedback to students doing well and students needing help. The ability to give more personalized feedback means students will be improving quicker and suffering much less from the anguish of not understanding the lesson or homework assigned.


Better Participation

From a numerical and situational standpoint, smaller classes equals more participation. Not having to compete with forty other students, your child will be able to voice their answer more often. This factor works in tandem with all other positives we have seen to produce an efficient, inclusive learning environment.
Every student learns in different ways at varying speeds. Here at Athena Preparatory, we strive to educate all students in the most efficient, comprehensive way possible. If you’re considering enrolling your child in a private high school here in Lodi, look no further! Our preparatory high school program utilizes smaller classrooms to assist in maximizing every student’s chances for success. Questions? Don’t delay, contact us today!