Last week, we began to discuss the key differences between public and private high schools, particularly here in Lodi. Our six determining factors of why parents have chosen a private education for their children for decades are:

  1. Money
  2. Attention
  3. Values
  4. Curriculum
  5. Safety
  6. College

You already know that the money you put into a private school gives you the freedom you need to have your voice heard and valued while giving the school the freedom to teach to the students’ needs instead of to the regulations or the tests. You now know the individual attention your child receives in a private school lends to a positive educational experience and true passion for learning. Lastly, you understand that a private school’s value system can be directed toward valuing education and learning in itself, and how that approach can transform how your child sees his or her high school experience and life in general. The following are three more deciding factors in determining whether public or private school is right for your child.

Curriculum Counts

What we didn’t mention previously was, when students in public schools perform better on their standardized tests, the school receives more money. This often will mean that the curriculum in a public school is heavily based on “teaching to the test.” Because private schools don’t feel this same pressure, we are able to include so much more in our curriculum. We can go further in depth on a certain subject in which the students take a particular interest, we can bring in the relevance of current events to a certain lesson, and we can create a curriculum that enables students to succeed in college and beyond.

Safety First

There are many public high schools in the greater Sacramento area that are burdened with crime and difficulties. Because of this, many students feel threatened at worst, and distracted at best, by what is going on around them. Athena Preparatory offers students an educational safe haven, where their focus can be on their studies.

College Preparation

Many times, teachers at public schools are so focused on getting the majority of their 120 students to pass that they forget those who are college-bound require special attention. At a private institution, particularly at a private prep school, high school is just the stop on the way to bigger goals. Because all of the students at a preparatory high school share this common sentiment, teachers are better able to guide students toward learning techniques, facts, and a love for education they wouldn’t be able to receive elsewhere.

At Athena Preparatory, we seek to give all of our students a high school education. However, there is more to it than this. We seek to give them the knowledge they require to pass their tests and their classes in college, but we also strive to give them the mindset, passion, integrity, and conviction they will need to be successful in life. We want to create intelligent, analytical leaders who consistently strive for greatness. Contact us if you have any questions about our methods, curriculum, or goals, and register your high schooler today!