athenaprepblog1When it comes to your child’s education, you want them to be equipped with the tools needed to succeed in the adult world. Athena Preparatory understands this and offers top-notch high school STEM programs to give your student the education and innovation needed to make the best out of the future. Two months ago, we looked into the importance of STEM education and why it is a great choice for education. Today, we’ll take a more in-depth analysis of how beneficial STEM programs can be for young minds. If you’re questing for a STEM high school in Lodi, you’ve come to the right place! Athena Preparatory is your Top Rated Local® private high school and strives to give students the best education and preparation available for the college level.

  • squarephoto1Creativity utilization. STEM schools’ focus on critical thinking and problem-solving help to steer young minds toward ingenuity to solve complex problems in the field. Many STEM careers rely heavily on innovation and creativity for success. Thinking outside of the box has never been taken so seriously before.
  • Comprehensive college prep. The structure of our STEM courses promotes complex thinking processes and advanced ideas to help students prepare for the increasingly task-heavy college system. Our program will give your student the experience and expectations needed to make a smooth transition into the collegiate world.
  • More income. Starting salaries for STEM high school graduates tend to be higher due to the specialization and high demand of associated occupations. The US has a high demand for STEM-related jobs and not enough qualified individuals.
  • Increased confidence. Students who are molded in a STEM program face more critical thinking and more input from peers and professors. This style helps to produce graduates who are confident in their skill set and self-assured in unfamiliar situations. This boost in confidence can benefit students in a number of ways, from acing a high-stress job interview to properly managing coworkers in a leadership position.
  • Better job chances. Building off of our last benefit, the increase of chances to land a high-quality job is one asset that STEM students possess. Beyond the high demand for graduates with STEM degrees is the fact that other industries prefer employees with excellent problem-solving skills and analytical prowess. There are rare circumstances when an applicant is too qualified for a position!
  • More equality. STEM education programs are focused on providing equality opportunities of advanced education for all parties. Women are now closing the gap on men in the fields of mathematics and science.

If your child is interested in science, technology, engineering or mathematics, they can excel in a structured atmosphere that offers real-world applications. If this is the case, Athena Preparatory should be your top choice STEM high school in Lodi. Our small class sizes and proven curriculum will promote your child’s ability to think critically and succeed profitably in life. Next week, we’ll look at additional benefits that STEM education has to offer for innovative young minds. The goal of our program is to help students reach their full potential. Contact us today for more information and enrollment options!