STEM education programs have become a hot topic in the education industry. The push for more comprehensive education in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math originates from the need to bring global competency amongst countries such as China. Athena Preparatory serves as a high-quality STEM high school for the Lodi area. Our focus on the students’ needs on a small scale enables us to provide a highly tuned teaching platform that will equip students with the tools needed to succeed in all facets of life. Last week, we looked into several STEM education benefits and how they set the bar for education. While positives such as increased confidence and higher income averages are fantastic, they are not the only reasons why STEM programs are in such high demand.

More Benefits

  • Keeping up with changes. The rate at which our technology is progressing is faster than ever before. Being able to stay abreast with the trends and changes is a vital skill that a percentage of adults are not equipped to handle. New products and tools are put into use on a consistent basis and require the right individual to keep current.
  • More job options. STEM-related careers are expanding at a high rate. In fact, these jobs are part of the second quickest growing industry below healthcare. With the high demand for STEM graduates and a low supply at present, the ability to find an ideal job is more of a reality than a number of other career fields.
  • Promotes big changes. As stated before, the focus on creativity and innovation is what drives our curriculum. Why? Because every mind has the potential to make a big difference in the world. From finding a breakthrough cure to creating a more efficient method for transportation, the possibilities are endless!
  • Flexible career strengths. An often understated benefit of pursuing a quality STEM education program is the versatility it provides in other fields. The skills and experience of a STEM high school graduate can be very beneficial for taking on tasks in the arts industry. The combination of creativity and comfort with technology makes our students prime candidates for careers that people would not consider.
  • Paving the future. Math, science, technology and engineering are all employed on a daily basis in all areas of our society. Today’s students will soon be tomorrow’s leaders, and equipping those leaders with the right tools will help shape our country for the better. While some industries are being phased out or replaced, STEM professionals will be on the front line for improving society!

Students who show an interest in these technical fields are often intimidated by the thought of attending a STEM school. Many people see this curriculum as very intensive and not as exciting as other career options. Here at Athena Preparatory, we believe that our STEM program is set to moderately challenge students while providing an enjoyable education setting. If you’re considering enrolling your gifted child in a STEM high school here in Lodi, don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more!