STEM High School Education —

The Key To Unlocking Successful Thinkers

dreamstime_xxl_26945824There is a reason that science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) are all combined into one powerful group — it is because they require critical thinking, in-depth analysis, logic, and perseverance. It is because they all require the student to be a problem solver, and to see each new setback and each new hurdle in a different light. It is because each subject forces the mind to observe the world in a different light, gaining perspective with every lab and every problem.

In fact, the very nature of STEM fields requires their students to be analytical, critical, and open-minded thinkers. That is why Athena Preparatory is committed to being a private STEM high school, enabling our students not only to think outside the box, but to use that box to innovate.

Understanding STEM

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, which are all related yet distinct fields. Science describes and allows us to explore the world around us. Technology allows us to step into the future. Engineering helps us to build a better, more functional world. Mathematics is the foundation on which science, technology, and engineering are built.


Because it helps you understand the world.

Because STEM is so completely intertwined with the world around us, it is essential in helping students look at real-life situations and find real-life solutions. It enables students to attack a problem from multiple angles until one doesn’t just work, it works in the most efficient, effective way possible. By starting small and growing, our high school STEM programs work to provide our students with and education that enables them to be independent, critical, analytical thinkers who understand what it takes to innovate, to raise the standards, and to find solutions.

Because it helps you in real life.

This skillset, this way of thinking, is applicable to every job and every life. The age-old question that students ask their math teachers is “When am I going to use this in real life?” The answer is: every day. Every day we face challenges and problems that need solutions. Math and science enable us to find those solutions by critically analyzing the situation from multiple perspectives. To the business owner who needs to find out how many employees he can afford to hire in order to boost productivity without losing money, to the mural artist who needs to figure out how to proportionately enlarge the idea in his head onto the entire wall, to the history teacher who needs to answer his students questions in the most logical way possible — the cognitive development involved in STEM is absolutely essential.

Because the job market is growing, and growing fast.

In a recent study performed by the U.S. Department of Commerce, most job markets are growing at a rate of about nine to 10 percent. However, jobs in STEM fields are increasing at a rate of more than 17 percent, and it’s a highly profitable market. This means that our STEM programs are not only creating the next generation of innovators, but we are helping form a generation of successful entrepreneurs, doctors, and computer scientists.

The benefits of a STEM education reach far past what we have touched on here. If you want to see what a difference a private high school STEM program can make for your child, contact us to enroll today! We still have spots left for Fall 2016.