1. Autumn Begins Today

    The season of autumn begins today. This is also known as the fall equinox. The length of day and night are equal on both the spring and fall equinox. One myth about the equinox is that you can stand an egg on its end on either equinox. https://www.accuweather.com/en/accuweather-ready/accuweather-forecasters-school-of-weather/716916…Read More

  2. Viking Cuisine

    The Vikings ate a wide variety of foods. Some of their main staples included grains such as barley and oats, nuts such as hazelnuts, and fruits such as berries and plums. Dairy and goat products were also important to the Viking diet. https://www.ancient-origins.net/history-ancient-traditions/viking-food-0014285…Read More

  3. The Night Sky for the Week of 9-20-20

    Autumn starts this week. Up in the southern night sky Jupiter and Saturn are still hanging around after sunset. The first-quarter moon joins these two planets in the evening sky starting on Wednesday. The night sky indicates the new season with Cassiopeia in the northern sky above the Big Dipper, which indicates the colder time of the year.   https://skyandtelescope.org/observing/this-weeks-sky-…Read More

  4. The Genetics of Viking Expansion

    The science of genetics has opened up many doors in biology as well as history. The following study traces the expansion of the Viking women from Scandinavia to many other parts of Europe. This is an example of the many practical uses for the science of biology. https://www.ancient-origins.net/news-history-archaeology/viking-genes-0014267…Read More

  5. Classical Mythology- The Goddess Hel

    In Norse mythology the goddess Hel had power over the dead. This goddesses name and realm may have been origin for the Christian hell. The afterlife Hel offered depended on what the soul had done while living on earth. https://www.ancient-origins.net/myths-legends-europe/going-hel-and-back-travel-helheim-where-goddess-darkness-reigned-006174…Read More

  6. The Night Sky for the Week of 9-13-20

    It is starting to feel and look like fall. The planets Jupiter and Saturn continue to sparkle brightly in the southern evening sky. While the star Vega is now experiencing "the Vega Hour." In the northern sky about halfway between Cassiopeia and the Big Dipper, look for the north star Polaris. Thursday is the day of the new moon. https://skyandtelescope.org/observing/this-weeks-sky-at-a-glance-sep…Read More

  7. Mammoths in Mexico

    Huge mammoths skeletons have been unearthed in Mexico. Archeologists found around 200 skeletons. In prehistory, the site was a huge mammoth trap. The mammoths where probably used by early humans for food, tools, and weapons. https://www.ancient-origins.net/news-history-archaeology/mammoth-skeletons-0014223…Read More

  8. The Legions of Rome

    One of the greatest armies in history, were the legions of Rome. The Roman armed forces varied in size, type, and composition throughout Rome's history. Their worst defeat was at the hands of the Germans, during the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest in 9 AD. https://www.ancient-origins.net/history-ancient-traditions/roman-legions-0014214…Read More

  9. The Night Sky for the Week of 9-6-20

    Summer is winding down. The bright star Vega passes the zenith shortly after sunset. Jupiter and Saturn sparkle next to Sagittarius in the evening sky. The moon is in its last-quarter phase. While the predawn sky is looking like the winter evening sky with Orion, Taurus, and the Pleiades. https://skyandtelescope.org/observing/this-weeks-sky-at-a-glance-september-4-12-2/…Read More

  10. Classical Mythology- Mithras

    The ancient Persian sun god Mithras had a great influence not only on the Persians, but also on the Romans. Later, Christianity took some of its beliefs from the cult of Mithras. These beliefs included the Lord's day (Sunday) and Christmas, because Mithras was born on December 25th. https://www.ancient-origins.net/history-ancient-traditions/mithras-cult-0014192…Read More