1. Classical Mythology- The Nine Muses

    The ancient Greeks represented most aspects of life with a god or goddess. Inspiration (creative works such as poets, artists, and musicians) were represented by Zeus and his wife Mnemosyne's daughter- known as the Nine Muses (Clio, Euterpe, Thaleia, Melpomene, Terpsichore, Erato, Polyhymnia, Urania, and Calliope). The ancient Romans had almost identical beliefs to the Greeks. https://www.ancient-…Read More

  2. The Night Sky for the Week of 4-5-20

    Spring is finally here. Easter is next Sunday. It is calculated by the Paschal Full Moon. While the astronomical (not to be confused with Paschal Full Moon) Full Moon is on Tuesday April 7th. The planet Venus is close to the Pleiades in the evening sky. Also, the winter dog stars of Sirius and Procyon are vertically aligned in the western evening sky. The constellation of Orion is close to them, b…Read More

  3. Classical Mythology- The God Odin

    The Norse god Odin is one the great gods of the Norse people. He had many women in his life. The following article is a good summary of these women: https://www.ancient-origins.net/myths-legends-europe/odin-0013495. The Scandinavian people have always had a progressive view of women. This is reflected in their gods and goddesses.…Read More

  4. Ramesses II

    Ramesses II was one of Egypt greatest Pharaohs. Great victories, such as at the Battle of Kadesh earned him the title of Ramesses the Great. His monuments, which include his temple at Abu Simbel, are some of the greatest in the ancient world. https://www.ancient-origins.net/myths-legends-africa/life-and-death-ramesses-ii-001822…Read More

  5. The Night Sky for the Week of 3-29-20

    The nights are getting shorter, but there is still much to see. Look for the crescent moon, Pleiades, and Venus in the western sky after dark. On April 3rd the Pleiades will be right next to Venus. Also, look for Taurus with its bright star Aldebaran, next to them. The winter constellations of Orion and Canis Major will be around in the evening sky for a few weeks. In the predawn sky the planets M…Read More

  6. The Pleiades and Rome

    Here is an interesting theory about the link between the Pleiades constellation and the ancient city of Rome. It may have also led to ancient Roman poet Ovid being banished. https://www.ancient-origins.net/history/pleiades-0013471…Read More

  7. Sphinx Equinox Alignment Theory

    There is a new theory that the Sphinx in Giza, Egypt is aligned with sun at the equinoxes. This is still a theory, but is interesting given the ancient Egyptians where great astronomers, mathematicians, and scientists. https://www.ancient-origins.net/news-history-archaeology/sphinx-alignment-0013459…Read More

  8. The Night Sky for the Week of 3-22-20

    It is finally spring. In the evening sky the spring star, Arcturus shines in the east. In spring the Big Dipper "pours" into the Little Dipper, while in autumn it is the opposite. Meanwhile in the west, the planet Venus sparkles, and is accompanied by the moon and Pleiades. Along with Pleiades, other remnants of winter include Taurus, Orion, and Canis Major. The new moon is Tuesday the 24th. https…Read More

  9. Much Needed Rain and Snow for California

    Here in California, we have been getting much needed rain and snow. California is still short of snow pack, but anything helps. We have had two major storms in the northern and southern parts of the state. https://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/winter-storm-dumps-feet-of-snow-across-sierra-nevada-mountains/701978…Read More

  10. Ancient Surgery

    The science of surgery was known in ancient times. One type of surgical procedure which was performed in many countries, was trephination. It is type of skull surgery. This procedure was performed throughout the ancient world from Egypt to the Andes mountains of South America. Some of the trephinations where successful and the patient survived. https://www.ancient-origins.net/history-ancient-tradi…Read More